Orangery Design Same as Conservatory?

Orangery Design Same as Conservatory?

Are Orangery designs the same as Conservatories?

There are a few similarities, but also many differences. Both are excellent ways to extend your home, but both need to be considered “different means to the same end”

The easiest way to differential between what is an orangery and what is a conservatory is to check out the roof. Conservatories primarily have sloping angled roofing. Orangeries have a sort f flat roof with a raised glass lantern section somewhere in the centre of the roof (unless there is more than 1 lantern).

Overall appearance.

A typical conservatory will be around 70% glazed – including the roof and walls.

orangery lantern roof

A typical orangery will have nowhere near as much glazing. An Orangery will have solid pillars and walls built into the sides of the room.  This makes a n orangery look far re substantial than a regular glass conservatory (

Price is going to be a big factor too. You can get a medium sized 3m x 4m conservatory for under £15,000,. However, the same sized orangery will start from £25,000 upwards. It’s not unheard of for folks to spend well over £30,000 on a new orangery.

However much you spend, you can be assured that you are getting value for money. It’s estimated that you can add around 10% to the resale value of your home by adding this type of extension- the desirability of an orangery could push this figure a little higher.

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