Construction materials used in replacement doors

Modern residential doors can be separated into 3 main materials used in construction and features influencing prices: (see more here

  • Wooden: Traditional soft wood, Hardwoods or “Engineered wood”
  • Metal: Usually Aluminium
  • Plastic: Unplasticised Poly Vinyl Chloride, known as Vinyl or UPVC. (uPVC / Upvc / PVCu)

Each material has a different place in the industry, and in the hearts of consumers, however, on the domestic or residential front; I would say that UPVC Windows & Doors have a very high popularity profile.

Choose from a wide range

  • Composite

UPVC Replacement DoorsThis type of window is probably the lesser most common in the UK. It features side or top opening frames and can come in endless configurations.

  • UPVC

Likely to be seen almost anywhere. In general, they feature reinforced frames and multipoint locks.

  • French

Strangely enough, they mostly used as a set of double doors. They feature many small panes of glass and outward opening frames

  • Tilt & Slide

This is a very versatile design that can be used either as a door or a window. They feature the ability to tilt the window frames inwards from the bottom hinges, or to fully open the window frame from the side hinges. Some versions can also slide the window open once it is tilted.

UPVC Replacement Doors