Borrowing money to install double glazing

A loan to buy your new double glazing always seem to offered by the sales rep for some of the larger double glazing installation companies or the industry ‘household names’. This is not necessarily a bad thing as many homeowners could not fit replacement windows without the ability to borrow the money to do it.

Personal Financing for Double Glazing
think before you borrow

However, you should take some time to be aware of a few ‘pros & cons’ before you sign on the dotted line – did you know there is a big difference in your right to cancel if you sign the contract at home or at the sellers’ place of business?

Another thing is the interest rate, the advertised rate need to be clarified – Representative APR may be something you have seen, but do you know that the company only need to give this rate to 51% of its customers (those that have borrowed money from them) and if you have an imperfect credit record or another issue, then you might have to pay a higher rate.

So, whilst it can be a plus point – and a life saver for some, borrowing money to pay for your windows with an unsecured personal loan should be done with care.

Personal Financing for Double Glazing